Factual Television Survey Report 2021

We Are Doc Women (WADW) is proud to publish the findings from our survey on career progression within the UK factual television industry. We present here data that illustrates where women and men’s careers progress and stall, and how this affects their pay and their well-being.


Jo Prichard
Cat Mcshane
Clare Richards

Project Consultant
John Collins

Analytics Consultant
Kerry Hart

Survey Development Team
Jane Merkin
Katie Hindley
Chloe Campbell
Marina Parker
Mimi Ajibade
Abi Mowbray
Soleta Rogan
Tamanna Rahman
Rachel Tracy
Jen Kerrison

Data Analysis
Cara Bowen
Josie Besbrode
Danielle Johnson
Amanda Louise Riley
Anna Johnston
Jess Winteringham

Creative Diversity Network Consultant
Amy Turton

Graphic Design
Raygun Design

Celia Venables

Online Marketing
Paula Stanbridge-Faircloth